Emiliano Bruner

Foto de Emiliano Bruner

Reseacher: Paleoneurobiology of Hominins


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Emiliano Bruner has a university degree in Biology, and a PhD in Animal Biology (University La Sapienza, Roma, Italy). Since 2007 he is researcher in Hominid Paleoneurobiology at the National Research Center for Human Evolution in Burgos (Spain). After a career in zoology and ecology, he worked with primates and museum collections and, subsequently,  in human ecology and paleoanthropology. He mainly works in anatomy and morphology of skull, brain and vessels, in modern human populations, extinct hominids, and other living primates. He employs tools from digital anatomy and spatial modeling in evolutionary neuroanatomy and functional craniology. He also works in cognitive archaeology, in particular in the evolution of the parietal cortex and its visuospatial functions. He writes and coordinates several science blogs, and publish personal sections in the magazines Investigación y Ciencia (Spanish version of Scientific American) and Jot Down.