Joseba Rios Garaizar

Joseba Ríos Garaizar

Lithic Collection Curator


2nd Floor

I’m an archaeologist dedicated mostly to the study of paleolithic technological evolution. I study how lithic tools were made and used, focusing on the cultural and behavioral implications of these processes. Although my research covers most of the Paleolithic, I’m more specifically devoted to the study of Neanderthals and the process of their extinction in Europe.I studied in the University of Deusto, and in 2007 I obtained my PhD in the University of Cantabria. I have been post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig and worked as use-wear specialist for the INRAP. Since 2012 I’m researcher and Lithic Collection Curator at the CENIEH. I have directed several archeological excavation projects, being the most relevant those developed in Arlanpe cave (2006-2012), and in Aranbaltza open-air site (2013-continues), both in the Basque Country.