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These General Terms regulate the use (including the mere access) and functioning of the website

In compliance with the Act 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (the "LSSI"), the website is the property of the CENTRO NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN SOBRE LA EVOLUCIÓN HUMANA (henceforth, "CENIEH"), whose address for the purposes of notifications is Paseo de la Sierra de Atapuerca 3, 09002 Burgos, Spain, whose NIF is S0900008D and email address is


The use of this website confers the status of site User upon the person in question, which implies they are bound by these General Terms, in the version currently published at the moment of access. For this reason, the CENIEH recommends that the User should read them carefully each time they access the website.

As a consequence, careful reading of the current General Terms of use, on each of the occasions they may access the website, shall be the responsibility of each visitor and/or User so that, should they disagree with any of the conditions set out herein, they must abstain from using the website.

The CENIEH may alter the design, presentation and/or configuration of the website, as well as any or all of the Contents, and modify the general and/or specific conditions required for their use at any moment, and without advance notice to the User.


The User is aware and accepts, voluntarily and expressly, that any use they make of the website is at their sole and exclusive responsibility.

In making use of the website, the User undertakes not to engage in any conduct which could harm the image, interests or rights of the CENIEH or of third parties, or which could damage, render unusable or overload the site, or which could impede, in any way, its normal use.

The Contents of the website are made available to the User with information from both internal and third-party sources.

The inclusion of Contents in the website does not constitute in any way the provision of a service. The User acknowledges, given that the applicability of the law to specific cases is not automatic, that this may vary in accordance with a wide variety of circumstances. For this reason, CENIEH advises the User against taking decisions based upon the information set out in the Contents without obtaining appropriate professional advice.

The CENIEH declines all liability for any vitiating errors or omissions in the Contents of this website and undertakes no duty or commitment to verify or monitor the contents and information on the website.


The User acknowledges and accepts, through these GeneralTerms, all the industrial and intellectual property rights over the Contents and/or any other elements present on this website (including, but without limitation, brands, logos, trade names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, database, software, flow diagrams, presentation, "look-and-feel", audio and video), remain the exclusive property of the CENIEH and/or third parties, who retain the exclusive right to use them for purposes of trade or profit.

Under no circumstances does access to the website imply any kind of waiver, transfer, license or assignment, neither in whole nor in part, of the aforementioned rights, unless the contrary should expressly be established. These General Terms of Use of the website do not confer upon Users any right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the website and/or its contents other than those expressly provided for herein. Any other use or exploitation of any rights shall be conditional upon the prior and express authorization specifically conceded to that end by the CONSORCIO PARA LA CONSTRUCCIÓN, EQUIPAMIENTO Y EDIFICACIÓN DEL CENTRO NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN SOBRE LA EVOLUCIÓN HUMANA or the third-party holder of the rights in question.

Any claims which could be lodged by Users or third parties in relation to possible breaches of the intellectual or industrial property rights over any of the Contents of this website should be directed to the email address, including the following information:

1.-Full name, postal address and email address of the party affected or, where applicable, of the person authorized to act on their behalf, indicating the authority by virtue of which they are acting (henceforth, the "Claimant").

2.-Declaration by the Claimant in which they affirm they are the holder of the rights allegedly infringed, including their signature, in either physical or digital form.

3.- Precise description of the Contents protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as their exact location within the website.

4.- Express declaration by the Claimant that the use of the Contents has taken place without the consent of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed.

4.1 Domain names

Just as has been set out in the preceding section, the domain name, and all those serving to access this website directly are the exclusive property of the CENIEH. Inappropriate use of the same in the course of commerce would entail an infringement of the rights conferred by their registration and will be pursued to the maximum extent permitted by law.

4.2 Copyright

The Contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation existing on this website, in addition to the website itself as a whole, as a multimedia artistic work, are protected by copyright under intellectual property law.

4.3 Personal use

The CENIEH authorizes the Users to make use of, view, obtain a temporary copy, download and store the Contents and/or the elements inserted in the website, exclusively for their personal, private and non-commercial use; always provided that in all cases the origin and/or author of the same is identified and, where applicable, the copyright symbol and/or notes on the industrial property rights of the holders appear.

The use of those elements, their reproduction, communication and/or distribution for the purposes of commerce or profit, in addition to their modification, alteration, or decompilation, are absolutely prohibited.

For any use other than those expressly permitted, it will be necessary to obtain prior consent in writing from the holder of the rights in question.

4.4 Reservation of rights

The User of this website undertakes to respect the enumerated rights and to refrain from any action which could infringed upon them, with the CENIEH reserving the right in all cases to exercise such legal recourse or actions as may be appropriate to protect its legitimate intellectual and industrial rights.


5.1 Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for the operation of the Portal

The CENIEH does not guarantee the availability or continuity of operation of the website. Similarly, the CENIEH shall under no circumstances bear liability for any damages or losses which could arise out of:

1. The lack of availability or accessibility to the website;

2. Interruption in the operation of the website or device malfunction, telephony faults, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloading of telephone lines, in the Internet system or other electronic systems produced in the course of the operation of the website;

3. Inappropriateness of the website for the specific needs of the Users and;

4. Other damage which could be caused by third persons by means of unauthorized interference beyond the control of the CENIEH.

There is no guarantee of the absence of viruses or other elements introduced into the website by third parties unrelated to the CENIEH, which could produce alterations in the physical or logical systems of the Users or the electronic documents and files stored in their systems.

The CENIEH adopts different protective measures to protect the website and contents against cyberattacks from third parties. Nonetheless, the CENIEH does not guarantee that third parties cannot gain access to the type of use of the website made by the User or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances under which that use is made. As a consequence, the CENIEH shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages or losses which could arise out of such unauthorized access.

5.2 Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for the use on the Portal of the services and Contents by Users

The CENIEH will not be liable under any circumstances for the use that Users and/or third parties may make of the website or the Contents, nor for the damages and losses which could be arosen therefrom.

The CENIEH disclaims all liability for damages or losses of any nature that could be due to the use of the services and the Contents by the User or which could be due to a lack of veracity, currency, exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of the information the Users furnish about themselves and, in particular, although without limitation, for the damages and losses of any nature which could be due to the personation of a third party by a User in any class of communication accomplished using the Portal

5.3 Disclaimer of guarantees and liability for the Content

The CENIEH shall under no circumstances bear liability for any losses or damages which could arise out of:

1. Damages or losses of any nature which could be due to the lack of legality, reliability, utility, veracity, exactness, exhaustiveness or currency of the Contents.

2. The inappropriateness for any purpose or the disappointment of expectations generated by the Contents.


No personal details which could identify a User are recorded automatically by merely visiting the website Nevertheless, there is certain information of a non-personal nature, and not identifiable to any specific User, which could be collected and recorded in the Internet servers of the CENIEH (for instance, the User's browser type and the User's operating system) for the purpose of enhancing the User navigation experience and management of the website

The CENIEH may request certain personal detail from the User for the use of certain Contents or services, complying at all times with the Regulation (EU) 679/2018 and the Act 3/2018, of December 5th, on the protection of personal data and the guarantee of digital rights.


In principle, the duration of this website is indefinite, although the CENIEH reserves the right to amendment, suspend or terminate the provision of its services, at any moment and without any need for advance notice, as is the case with these General Terms


Spanish law applies in relation to these General Terms. All disputes arising in relation to the website shall be heard in Spain and the parties herein agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Burgos, and relevant higher instances, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, if different.

 The simplest and most effective way to request any clarification, or to lodge any kind of complaint, suggestion or comment, is by sending email to the address

Accessing and using this website implies the acceptance of these General Terms.

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