Archeological sites

Ain Hanech (Argelia)

Ain Hanech

Pleistocene-Holocene sites located in the area of Ain Hanech (Sétif) on the plateaux of eastern Algeria.

Settlemetns of first species of the genus Homo, Homo erectus, archaic Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens.

Yacimiento de Albalá


Pleistocene site situated in the valley of the River Guadiana, in the municipality of Poblete, 15 km from Ciudad Real.

Settlement with Acheulean Industry.

Ambrona y Torralba (Soria)

Ambrona & Torralba

Early Paleolithic sites located in the province of Soria.

Fossil fauna of large mammals, birds and microvertebrates. Acheulian and Mousterian industry.

Gran Dolina


Pleistocene-Holocene sites located in the Sierra de Atapuerca, near the city of Burgos.

Fossil remains: Homo sp., Homo antecessor, pre-Neanderthals, Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens.

Cova del Tabac

Cova del Tabac

Pleistocene / Holocene site located in the first foothills of the Pre-Pyrenees, in the municipality of Camarasa, province of Lleida.

Remains of the Middle Pleistocene and Neolithic with rock art.

Cova Gran de Santa Liña (Lérida)

Cova Gran de Santa Liña

Pleistocene-Holocene site located on thefirst spurs of the Pyrenean foothills.

Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens settlements.

Cueva de Guantes (Palencia)

Cueva de Guantes

Upper Pleistocene site with Mousterian industry and levels of cave bears, located in the foothills of the Sierra del Brezo, in the province of Palencia.


Gona (Etiopía)


Miocene-Pleistocene site located in the Afar region of Eastern Ethiopia.

Settlements of Ardipithecus kadabba, Ardipithecus ramidus, Homo erectus (archaic and modern), and Homo from the Upper Pleistocene (sp. pending analysis).


The oldest lithic industry in the world, 2.6 million years old, from the beginning and end of the Acheulean and the Middle Paleolithic.




Paleontological site located in Lake Turkana, Kenya, with sedimentary sequences dated from the Miocene to the Holocene.

Prado Vargas cave

Prado Vargas

Pleistocene site located in the municipality of Cornejo, north of the province of Burgos, in the natural area of Ojo Guareña.

Homo neanderthalensis settlements.



Pleistocene site located in the province of Guadalajara (Spain).

Homo sapiens settlement.

Tighennif (Argelia)


Yacimiento pleistoceno que se encuentra ubicado al oeste de Argelia.

Asentamiento de Homo ergaster/Homo erectus.


Villanueva 2

Villanueva 2

Site with a Chalcolithic level and Pleistocene levels, located in the foothills of the Sierra del Brezo, province of Palencia.