The first Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) in Castilla y León is located in the heart of the city of Burgos. The infrastructure boasts modern facilities to ensure research excellence and to serve as support to the national R&D+i system.

The facilities represent an international point of reference in terms of the technological equipment that they offer, along with the cutting-edge scientific research generated there.

Laboratories, multi-purpose rooms, open spaces and work areas have all been equipped to ensure that research into Human Evolution in Burgos is a global point of reference, a goal that has been achieved thanks to the attraction of talent, the holding of international scientific conferences and meetings and the application of innovative techniques, not only for fundamental research, but also to provide services to the scientific and business community.

CENIEH is also listed in MERIL, the European scientific infrastructure landscape mapping promoted by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the European Commission. Detailed information on our infrastructures can also be accessed through MERIL.

Likewise, the technological offer in the European framework of our ICTS, as well as the enhancement of the outstanding facilities, has been significantly reinforced through the work carried out in the development of the catalog of capacities offered in the European IPERION HS platform, from which The Geochronology, Computed Microtomography and Archaeometry laboratories are part of it, and which has been published and put into service during the year 2020. This has made it possible to offer three calls for FIXLAB projects. Through ARIADNEplus, work continues to make archeopaleontological data of interest available at the CENIEH available to the scientific community.

CENIEH ratifies the European Commission's Guidelines for Access to Scientific Infrastructures from March 2016 (European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures).