Ignacio Aguilar Lazagabaster

Foto Ignacio

Researcher: Paleoecology and  human-environment interactions

Ramón y Cajal MICINN Program. Call 2021.

2nd floor

Ignacio A. Lazagabaster studies paleozoological records and mammal remains from Quaternary sites, employing a paleoecological approach. His research encompasses several areas of inquiry, including the investigation of ancient mammal biogeography and evolution, the analysis of historical interactions between human populations and their environment, and the exploration of how natural environments have transformed over the course of time. Ignacio's scholarly pursuits have taken him to various corners of the globe, with various fieldwork and research projects conducted in Africa, Spain, and the Middle East. In these regions, he continues to conduct extensive studies on the taxonomy, paleoecology, and biogeography of diverse mammal groups. Furthermore, he serves as a co-director at Lothagam, Kenya, where he aspires to unearth invaluable evidence shedding light on the initial stages of the human lineage in Africa, dating back almost 7 million years.