Luis Javier Amo Grasa

Foto Luis Javier

Systems support Technician

Ministerio de Trabajo. Investigo Program.

3rd floor

Luis Javier Amo Grasa is a physicist with experience in simulations and programming. During the preparation of his final degree project he worked as an intern in the Nanostructure Physics Group of the University of Valladolid. Along this period he performed Python simulations of atomic structures, studying the viability of their use as filters to separate greenhouse gases.After finishing the Degree in Physics, he took a cybersecurity course and began working at the company AVL IBÉRICA as an intern in the fluids and HVAC department. In this position he simulated refrigeration installations, created mathematical models for components and developed the purchasing and engineering database. During this time he also studied a Machine Learning course, focused on regression and classification algorithms. He is currently continuing to train in programming with Python and expanding his knowledge in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning.