5th CENIEH Distinguished Annual Lecture - 14th July 2023

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The prestigious anthropologist Nina Jablonski is the guest of the fifth CENIEH Distinguished Annual Lecture with which we celebrate the anniversary of the CENIEH building, which this year celebrates its fourteenth anniversary. Prof. Jablonski gives the lecture in English: "Putting Skin on the Bones of Human Evolution: Exploring the History of the Human Integument".

In this lecture she argues that the study of human evolution has long been focused on the recovery and analysis of durable skeletal and archaeological remains. The importance of skin and hair was recognized, but the structure and function were not discussed in detail because relevant data did not exist. In the last 30 years, advances in genetics and genomics, climatology, experimental functional anatomy and physiology, and other fields, have made it possible to bring empirical evidence to the study of the evolution of the human integument. The picture emerging is that of a dynamic and complex interplay of genetic, environmental, and cultural factors, especially in the evolution of skin pigmentation. This picture is not only interesting, but also highly relevant to our physical and social welfare in the modern world. Putting skin on the bones of our ancestors not only enhances our understanding of their biology, but also leads to a deeper appreciation of their lives as social beings.

It will be streamed with Spanish subtitles.

Admission is free but an invitation is required.