Travelling Exposition "Woman and Science"

13 Names to change the world

The exhibition "Women and Science: 13 names to change the world" organized by Tomás Pascual Sanz-CENIEH collaboration, shows the scientific and solidary actions of women whose vocation for knowledge, understood as a human product for and for humanity, drives their work.

Flora de Pablo, Adela Cortina, Jane Goodall, Susan George, Vandana Shiva, Lourdes J. Cruz, Tebello Nyokong, Hayat Zirari, Dora Barrancos, Jenny de la Torre, Concepción Campa, Ana Mª Cetto y Elinor Ostrom are the thirteen names of this exhibition, women who, from the most diverse disciplines, such as Medicine, Economics, Philosophy or Physics, deliver much more than a working day: they create networks, communicate, accompany and denounce, promote and, In short, they show us that scientific advances are valid, they are worth it, when they are accompanied by the firm conviction that science exceeds the test tubes and the offices and expands to the wide world.

All of them have stripped off their work uniforms and have wanted to show themselves as they are, as women who work hard to make the fruit of their labor useful. Friendly faces, smiling, friendly, speak of lives given, of shared ideals, of utopias on the way. Not all of them are, but all of them remind us, indefatigable, that science is a product of human effort and as such, its approach, relationship and outcome have a common basis for good towards people.

The CENEIH UCC + i manages the itinerancy of this exhibition that is offered free of charge to public and private institutions. To request it, please fill in the attached form and send it to