The proposed action brings continuity to a priority endeavor of the CENIEH: to furnish access to unique paleontological and archaeological collections that are not available at any other European institution to the Spanish and international community. The action requires investment in equipment, and specialized staff to commission these, and to implement protocols and methods of consultation and access. In addition to its own lines of R+D+I, it will enable the tuning of methods of digital and experimental analysis for which there is ever increasing demand from the scientific, technological and industrial community.

What is principally foreseen with this operation is to continue the creation, expansion and proffering to the community of the Center's own reference collections: Comparative Anatomy Osteological Collection (COAC), Experimental Traceology Collection (CET), Taphonomy Collection (TAPHO), and Mineral Collection (LITHO). These are collections of immense scientific value, compiled and created with the participation of expert scientists and technicians, and the project will require the use of cutting-edge laboratories at the CENIEH:

  • Microscopy and Micro-Computed Tomography, which will contribute with techniques of virtual analysis using a 3D digital microscope and micro-computed axial tomography.
  • Experimental Archaeology and Taphonomy, through experimentation to compile reference collections.

This action entails the acquisition of two new pieces of equipment, a 3D digital microscope and a micro-computed tomography unit, to allow biomechanical tests to be performed and to scan smaller zones of interest.