Its objective is to establish an activity to integrate a pan-European research infrastructure, offering key national research facilities of acknowledged excellence in heritage science. Heritage science is a young and transversal scientific domain covering a wide range of research disciplines offering a deeper understanding of the past and better attention to the future of heritage.

Since 2016, heritage science has been included in the ESFRI roadmap as one of the strategic areas in the field of the Social Sciences and Humanities, where it is represented by the project ESFRI E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science). IPERION HS will furnish the advanced heritage sciences community, built up and fostered with the support of four EU projects which cover four master programs nearing 20 years of constant service to heritage, with an additional level of pan-European integration, through the establishment of E-RIHS. IPERION HS is a further step toward a unified scientific approach for Europe's most advanced instruments for the analysis, interpretation, preservation, documentation and management of heritage objects in the fields of art history, conservation, archaeology and paleontology.

The main activity of IPERION HS will be to offer transnational access to a wide range of high-level scientific instruments, methodologies, data and tools to further knowledge and innovation in the area. Moreover, IPERION HS will contribute to innovative joint research on greater interoperability, not just referring to data, but also sample materials, methods and instruments. The purpose of the project's networking activities is to reinforce the bonds of the group and create a sense of belonging for heritage science researchers who will exploit the research infrastructure services. IPERION HS is made up of partners from 22 countries grouped around their national nodes.