At present, the Lithic Collections Department boasts a wide range of resources and equipment for the specific study of stone tools. This includes two reference collections, still under development, that are fully accessible by any researcher: the Experimental Traceology Collection (CET) and the CENIEH Mineral Collection (LITHO).

The Experimental Traceology Collection (CET) brings together tools made from different raw materials (mainly stone and bone) which have been used on an experimental basis in different activities related to Prehistoric ways of life. The objective of the CET is to provide experimental models in order to identify signs that the stone materials, analyzed from a traceological perspective, have been used.

The CENIEH Mineral Collection (LITHO) is also under development with the purpose of accommodating petrological samples of materials that have been used or that may have been used to create stone tools during the Paleolithic and Recent Prehistory. The objective of this mineral collection is to become a reference collection to serve as support to research into stone artefacts.