Cueva de Guantes

Upper Pleistocene site with Mousterian industry and levels of cave bears, located in the foothills of the Sierra del Brezo, in the province of Palencia.


42.786657, -4.776989


Cueva de Guantes is part of a large karst complex that includes several Middle and Upper Pleistocene sites. At the site called Gallery 1, at least three levels have been found with evidence of human settlement. These levels contain Mousterian lithic industry, mostly carved in metaquaarcite, flint, quartz and other rocks of local origin. Levels with evidence of human occupation are separated by an intermediate level of cave bear (Ursus spelaeus). More than 2,000 cave bear fossils have been recovered corresponding to at least 25 individuals, most of them dead at less than one year of age. The presence of all skeletal elements, together with the appearance of various elements in anatomical connection, confirm the interpretation of this level as a bear den.