Ambrona & Torralba

Early Paleolithic sites located in the province of Soria.

Fossil fauna of large mammals, birds and microvertebrates. Acheulian and Mousterian industry.

41.16011, -2.4985


This project, started in 2013, whose objective is to study one of Europe's oldest Mousterian stratigraphies, 350,000 years old according to the available calculated datings, continues to move forward.

An area of 54 square meters has now been excavated, with a major concentration of lithic industry associated with remains of horses. Some molars from these herbivores are being analyzed to pin down the age of this stratigraphic unit better.

Progress has also been made on determining the areas of capture of the different varieties of flint employed in making stone tools, which, as the distances involved exceed several tens of kilometers, enables more to be known about the patterns of behavior of the human groups which settled in Ambrona.